Sunday, November 28, 2010

Malaysia Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform

Malaysia Airlines introduced Sarong kebaya design on 1 March 1986 for female flight attendants. It was designed by the School of Fashion at Mara Institute of TechnologyInstitut Teknologi Mara) and later known as Mara University of Technology. The batik material depicts the kelarai motif, which is a bamboo weave pattern. It appears in the background in subdued hues of the basic uniform colour. Superimposed on the kelarai motif is a mixture of Malaysian flora, such as the cempaka, jasmine and the leaves of the hibiscus. The geometric Sarawakian motif is used for the lapels of the baju, edges of sleeves and the sarong. On 1 January 1993, the colours of the batik were enhanced to complement the colour of the new uniform. The male flight attendants wear Ottanio colour jackets. The uniforms of the SIA stewardesses Singapore Airlines are similar to Malaysia Airlines' female flight attendants uniform.

Malaysia Airlines flight crew
Colour Code of female flight attendants
  • Sarong Kebaya with yellow flowers with red background are for the Inflight Supervisors
  • Sarong Kebaya with blue flowers are for the Chief Stewardesses, Leading Stewardesses and Flight Stewardesses
  • Sarong Kebaya with magenta flowers are for the ground frontliners
Colour Code of male flight attendants
  • Dark shade Ottanio colour jackets are for Inflight Supervisors, Chief Stewards, Leading Stewards and Flight Stewards
  • Light shade Ottanio colour jackets are for male ground frontliners


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